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the happy sage happiness crystal bracelet

Happiness Crystal Combo Bracelet


The Happiness Crystal Combo is a cheery combination of crystals that energize and uplift the spirit. Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Yellow Jade, Clear Quartz, Sunstone, and Carnelian complete the stones that harness joy and good nature.


Product Description


Greet every day with a bright and sunny outlook, courtesy of these cheerful, “feel good” stones.


Carnelian – An excellent stone for improving yourself, improving motivation and creating a “can-do” atmosphere. It increases vitality and energizes the physical body.
Citrine – Citrine carries the power of the sun: warming, energizing, and creating all life. This energizing, happy, and generous money stone attracts abundance and teaches how to manifest wealth, prosperity, success, and all good things.
Clear Quartz – This crystal raises energy to the highest possible level. It is a “feel better” stone that improves your quality of life, makes you happier, and re-energizes you in all situations.
Sunstone – A joyful, light-inspiring stone that brings joie de vivre and encourages a good nature. It lifts dark moods and encourages optimism, allowing your true self to shine through happily.
Tiger’s Eye – Tiger’s Eye combines the energy of the earth and the sun to create a high vibrational state that is still grounded; that is, it makes you spiritually aware while keeping your feet on the ground. It energizes the emotional body and lifts moods.
Yellow Jade – An energetic and stimulating stone that brings joy and happiness. It teaches the interconnectedness of all beings and helps us recognize our place in the world.


To remove physical dirt or dust, wipe with a soft dry cloth.
To cleanse of negative energy, wash under cold running water and dry in sunlight.


Small – Fits wrists up to 5.5 inches in circumference
Medium – Fits wrists up to 6 inches in circumference
Large – Fits wrists up to 6.5 inches in circumference
Extra Large – Fits wrists up to 7 inches in circumference

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Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large